Research & Development

In line with our philosophy and identity, we established a uniquely pioneering laboratory for the Research and Design of Commercial Refrigeration Cabinets.

FROST IT  has been fully staffed by highly qualified New Generation  Greek Scientists and is in operation since mid-2020.

Our  cooperates closely with the Academic Community as we give particular emphasis on transferring knowledge across disciplines and from academic world to industry. The latter ensures our sole goal which is the constant improvement/upgrading of the Cabinets’ operation and the integration of technical functionalities for the preservation of foods at optimum levels.

is Equipped with:
  • 3D room area of innovative technology, inserting the 3D Printing into the production process for components, specific accessories, and tools of the Commercial Refrigeration Cabinets.
  • A Special Testing Chamber for the quality accreditation and safety certification of our products.
  • Tools of high technology for the recording and collection of data and measurements.

We designed our own production machines tailored to our goals so as to refine one of the main features that the Commercial Refrigeration Cabinets shall have: The insulation that leads into the minimum loss of cooling load.

We have studied and improved the ergonomics of the Commercial Refrigeration Cabinets by listening the needs of the retail sector.

Each sector, each line of business and each professional can find the appropriate cabinet with the required specifications and the desired capacity for the promotion and preservation of their products


Insisting on this spirit of innovation we produce/provide/deliver Cabinets of contemporary aesthetic by increasing the available choices of colors, materials, and special coverings, tailored to satisfy the needs of each professional. With combined approach, with research and synergy of Greek Mechanics, Engineers and Designers, we produce Commercial Refrigeration Cabinets that will upgrade the image and strengthen the presence of our clients’ store in a holistic way.